Kinesiology is a simple, gentle, and non-invasive muscle technique that is a powerful therapy for change.

Kinesiology is also referred to as Muscle Balancing and can be used to test individual muscles throughout your body to assess if they are functioning well or not. There are numerous techniques that can then be used to help these muscles. Muscle Balancing can be very effective for people with recurrent muscle pain, soreness and weakness, whether it be a result of an original accident, ongoing postural problems, or due sport / exercise demands, etc.

Kinesiology is a very effective method of identifying, accessing and releasing the effects that past trauma, accidents, and challenging circumstances have had on us as individuals – mentally, emotionally and physically. Kinesiology can be a wonderful therapy to help us heal and move forward in all aspects of our lives.

Kinesiology can also be used to assess your diet to ensure that your body is able to digest, absorb and assimilate the foods you are currently eating. It can also be used to develop or fine tune any supplements you are currently taking to ensure they are the right ones for you, and to establish the correct dosage range to suit your own individual needs. Nutritional Kinesiology can help to ensure that any change that is recommended in your diet, supplement or lifestyle regime will have the maximum benefit on your health and wellbeing.


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